About Lake George, NY

SunsetLake George, NY is approximately 32 miles long and is nearly 2 miles wide.  Much of the shoreline, particularly the eastern shore, is unsettled.  Due to the tight restrictions, through federally and state-administered conservation efforts, it will forever remain so.  The shoreline ranges from beautiful, quiet, sandy beaches to rocky crags, cliffs, marshes, and tall hemlock stands.

The water quality and clarity is excellent.  In fact, the water is so clean, most of the summer and year-round residents take their daily drinking water directly from the lake, without purification.  Scuba diving is very popular in Lake George, NY.  Not only does the water clarity lend itself to this form of activity, the local history of the region demands the avid diver to come and explore.  Ancient ship wrecks abound.  There are numerous underwater sites to explore, and discover.

These sites are protected.  It is forbidden to disturb or remove any artifact found in the lake.  But who knows, maybe you will be the one to find a French and Indian war cannon or ship wreck! Boating on the lake runs the gamut from small personal water crafts like Jet Skis, to the larger tour boats.  Speed boating is one of the most popular activities of the lake.  With so many miles of water, crowded conditions are rare.  There are also great places for boaters to congregate.  Places like Paradise and Log Bay are popular sites for families to anchor for a day of swimming.  You will find that boaters on Lake George are very friendly and helpful people.  If you bring your boat to the lake, as many visitors do, you will find it easy to launch and dock.  If quiet is your objective, you can pull your yacht into a secluded cove and spend the entire day in relative privacy.  Many of the islands on the lake are state owned and run.  For a small fee, you can reserve a camp site for a night, week, or longer.  There are great shoreline picnic spots available as well.  A list of these sites can be had by calling the Lake George Chamber of Commerce.

The Quarters at Lake GeorgeDuring the summer, a number of boat shows occur.  Everyone’s favorite is The Antique and Classic Boat Show.  These shows are usually held at the public docks in Lake George Village.  Fishing on the lake has long been a draw for many an angler.  You can sit peacefully on a dock and drop a line down for some pan fish like Perch, Sunnies and Rock Bass, or you can head out on the open water.  If you don’t own a boat, or would like to learn the best techniques for landing the big ones, several charter companies will take you and your party out for a day of exciting fishing.  If you’re planning a day trip and just want to go swimming, many of the towns on the lake, have public beaches.

While strolling through the streets of Lake George Village you will undoubtedly hear the sounds of the steam organ from the top deck of the Minne-Ha-Ha.  The carnival sound emanating from the pipes echoes off the surrounding mountains.  Suddenly the village awakens with the roar of the cannon from the walls of Fort William Henry.  Like clockwork, another fun filled day begins on the shores of Lake George, NY.

The towns of Bolton, Diamond Point and other communities surrounding Lake George are both interesting and unique and have plenty of activities to enjoy.  Quaint little shops and restaurants line the streets and a more relaxed atmosphere prevails.  Many prefer this slower paced way of life.  Lake George Village on the other hand offers a village setting combined with a tremendous amount of interesting and fun things to do.  Within two blocks you can rent a boat, ride a parasail, take a boat cruise, play miniature golf, hit the arcades, watch a war reenactment, take a carriage ride, swim, Jet Skis, grab a great lunch or have a tasty cocktail.  This is just a sampling of the many things to do on your Lake George vacation.

Sailing on Lake GeorgeThe nightlife is exciting!  From waterside pubs to nightclubs with live entertainment you will find plenty to do when the sun goes down. Visitors and locals alike gather at the outdoor amphitheater in Shepards Park to enjoy the weekly concert.  Like the moonlight, sounds of Jazz, Blues and Reggae gently reflect off the lake’s surface.  The kids love it too.  The village also has its own trolley so that visitors needn’t hassle with traffic or parking.  Morning, noon and night you will find a fantastic array of fun things to do, so enjoy.